3 COPIES OF: The Struggle and the Conquest
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Sir Novelle Hamilton Richards, K.G.C.N. was born on 24th November, 1917, in the historic village of Liberta. He attended the Grace Hill and the Antigua Grammar Schools and the London Polytechnic Institute in England. At the London Polytechnic, Novelle successfully pursued the Diploma Course in Journalism. Following the attainment of Independence from Great Britain he was elected first President of the Antigua and Barbuda Senate and later that same year, he was appointed by the Governments of the East Caribbean to be the first Diplomatic Trade Commissioner to Canada. He was the composer of the lyrics of the National Anthem of Antigua and Barbuda. He has also penned several other publications, including Tropic Gems, Twilight Hour and Vines of Freedom.
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3 COPIES OF: The Struggle and the Conquest

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