Away with the Fairies by Clare Mansfield
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Away with the Fairies, “A Fairy’s Guide to True Love” By Clare Mansfield Paperback: 270 pages Publisher: Seaburn (October 15, 2013) Language: English ISBN-10: 1-59232-402-9 Clare Mansfield is a qualified B.Ed. who currently works as a Primary School Principal. She is also a Personal and Business Life Coach and an Integrated Energy Therapist Master Instructor. She discovered a whole new world within when she started to see, sense and receive guidance and wisdom from her guides and angels. She was shown how to energetically remove fear and negativity from her life and how to live her dream life of love, passion and integrity. "Away with the Fairies" will show how you too can find true love. "Away with the Fairies - A Fairy's Guide to True Love" is a book about joyful loving. It shows how each of us can learn to heal ourselves, trust in ourselves and follow our hearts. Living authentically by acknowledging, accepting and loving our true selves is the best path to lasting love and happiness. By knowing and loving our true selves and having a sense of purpose, we find ourselves energetically in the right place to meet Mr. Right. How we see ourselves and how we relate in the world influences who and what we attract to us. Learn how to energetically attract a loving partner into your life. Become a magnet for the love you want to receive! Clare's "Away with the Fairies" is proving a rather brave and daring end result of an extremely intelligent and well collated record of data, which the author has transformed into a readily digestible and exciting piece of work. - BBN
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Away with the Fairies by Clare Mansfield

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