Back Stabbers
Azia Elliston isn t your typical money hungry chick. Hailing from the streets of Philadelphia PA, the city of brotherly love, with no assistance from her parents or the system to help further her education, she decides to see just how much love she can get from brothers, financially that is. Using her god-given assets- beauty, brains, and booty, to her advantage, how could she go wrong she thought. She believed her side hustle to pay her way through college was harmless... Until she meets Rashaud Carter, the streets most deadliest hustler. Allowing greed to overpower her common sense, she soon gets caught up in a situation only few live long enough to talk about. Because of envy, Azia finds herself involved in a treacherous game. Everywhere she turns there is one back stabber after the other, trying to claw their way to the top. Old beefs become new ones, and friends become foes, as tension pollutes the air. Choices are made. Love or Loyalty- Death or Dishonor. The heat is on as sex, lies, murder, and betrayal, form a back stabbing circle leaving one ultimatum at hand... Kill or be killed!
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Back Stabbers

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