CAUSE OF HEALTH (DVD) by Douglas N Graham
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CAUSE OF HEALTH (DVD) by Graham, Douglas N Publisher: Food N Sport Press SRP: $14.95 UPC:700261304908 At a rare performance during a health event in Jamaica, Dr. Graham delivers an amazing presentation, bringing you the formula to live the life you know you deserve. This DVD is full of tips to help you learn how to: * turn harmful habits into healthy preferences * learn about the conditions necessary for healthy living * empower yourself to live without disease for true health freedom * evaluate how good your health is * understand symptoms, detox, flushes, and cleanses * evaluate what is most important to your life * and much, much, more. * Chapter 1: Introduction * Chapter 2: The Cause of Health * Chapter 3: Health is the Natural State * Chapter 4: Is Your Food Whole? * Chapter 5: Symptoms and Medicine * Chapter 6: Supplying the Conditions for Health * Chapter 7: Developing Your Motivation * Chapter 8: The Importance of Symptoms and Healthy Habits * Chapter 9: Weeding Through Garbage, Gray Areas and Keepers * Chapter 10: Q and A
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CAUSE OF HEALTH (DVD) by Douglas N Graham

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