Hustlerette: A Love Story by Carmen Billingsley
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Hustlerette: A Love Story by Charming Carmen Billingsley ISBN: 1592325955 This is a sexy and erotic tale that takes place in the seedy underbelly of Washington DC, from the DC Jail to the nations capitol. The I 95 corridor of DC, Maryland and Virginia is a live with drug deals, murder and mayhem. There are dirty cops, drug kingpins, crack heads, prostitutes, pedophiles and thieves, they are all trying to stay alive out of jail and ahead of the game. Lexi Larado maneuvers and hustles her way through the justice system and streets of DC, the murder capitol of the world. She stays true to the game of love while helping her married Jamaican lover Jackson Manley build a deadly and lucrative drug empire. Charming Carmen’s writing style is a cross between Donald Goines and Zane. She considers her genre of writing to be Urban Erotica. Her tales will not only shock you but, you will be amazed at the twists and turns that her story lines make. Most of her adventures take place in Washington DC. Charming lives in the DMV area.
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Hustlerette: A Love Story by Carmen Billingsley

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