Islam and Barack Hussein Obama
Islam and Barack Hussein Obama A Handbook on Islam Authored by Dr. Stephen M. Kirby Is violent extremism irreconcilable with Islam? How well are women really treated under Islam? Would it be an example of taqiyya if a Muslim denied the accuracy of Sahih Hadiths or of the information found in the Sira? When you have finished reading this handbook, you will have answers to these questions and others, and you will know more about Islam than do most Americans. You will also know where in Islamic sources to direct those who might be skeptical about what you have learned. There are two sections to this handbook. The majority of this handbook is dedicated to comparing the reality of Islam with many of the statements about Islam made by President Barack Obama in his June 4, 2009 speech in Cairo, Egypt. You will find the differences between the reality and President Obama's statements to be startling. The second, smaller section of this handbook looks at the shooting of two United States Army privates by a Muslim convert on June 1, 2009 in Little Rock, Arkansas. The ensuing two day silence and then the nature of the subsequent response from President Barack Obama, their Commander-in-Chief, are cause for questions and concern, especially when contrasted with how Obama responded to other deaths during that time period. And why would the natural death of an allegedly corrupt ruler of a small African nation receive more presidential attention than the murder and severe wounding of United States military personnel, on American soil, by a Muslim convert? Publication Date: Jul 20 2010 ISBN/EAN13: 1453682635 / 9781453682630 Page Count: 68
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Islam and Barack Hussein Obama

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