Race Matters [Paperback] Cornel West (Author)
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Race Matters [Paperback] Cornel West (Author) Paperback: 159 pages Publisher: Vintage; First Edition edition (March 29, 1994) Language: English ISBN-10: 0679749861 Cornel West is at the forefront of thinking about race. In Race Matters he addresses a range of issues, from the crisis in black leadership and the myths surrounding black sexuality to affirmative action, the new black conservatism, and the strained relations between Jews and African Americans. He never hesitates to confront the prejudices of all his readers?or wavers in his insistence that they share a common destiny. Bold in its thought and written with a redemptive passion grounded in the tradition of the African-American church, Race Matters is a book that is at once challenging and deeply healing.
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Race Matters [Paperback] Cornel West (Author)

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