Rules for Take-off
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A Simple Guide to a Happy Life and Journey to New Heights is drawn from 17 years of 747 Seminars programs and events dealing with topical concerns related to personal development. This book includes anecdotal tips for achieving insight along a pathway to self-discovery and success in living a positive and fulfilled life. The simple guidance, stories and ideas come from lived experience, and resonate with readers who encounter challenges in managing the changes produced by life cycle events. About the Author: Dr. Sharon Cadiz is CEO and originator of 747 Seminars. She is a dynamic leader in Human services and utilizes her years of experience in child development, addiction treatment, mental health, domestic violence, interpersonal trauma, cultural competence and life skills development to counterbalance the effects of many common problems that stifle individuals and groups.
  • Author: Sharon Cadiz
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Rules for Take-off

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