Thug Passion vol. 2
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As the " Thug Passion - Thug Love " trilogy and saga continues in these next 2 volumes two and three, we find Tyree and Timmy getting more intimate. Tyree later buys a house and he, Timmy, Ardee and Aji move in. He procures the services of a capable and very talented Carpenter/Interior-Exterior Decorator to transform the basement of the house into his "Man Cave". Upon it's completion, he decides to christen his new place of dwelling with a Very Private but " Hot, Intense and Passionate Sex Party " in his new Basement consisting of some of his most trusted "DL Boyz" and they all have a "Hot, Steamy F**k Fest" over a 4-day long holiday weekend (Friday-Monday). The Carpenter turns out to be more than expected when Timmy springs a surprise on Tyree - as well as Ardee and Aji when they learn of it. Life continues at the new residence with more shocking twists and turns, along with wild non-stop 3somes and sleepovers. Tyree and Ardee get caught cheating with someone Timmy's little brother Pete knows, and the relationship between the pair becomes tense. Ardee and Aji begin to have problems as well but all of them eventually make up. Over the course of time, Tyree earns a degree in Business Administration while Timmy finds success in his studies of Magnetic Resonance Imagine...Computed Tomography, and is destined for a top position at the hospital where his mother work. He fretfully becomes the father of beautiful twins with surprising results from his friends. However, Tyree and Ardee continue their covert booty quest and a whole lot more Sexual Escapades happens as "Thug Passion - Thug Love" (Volume 2) the trilogy and saga continues. Publication Date: Jul 12 2012 ISBN/EAN13: 0983247684 / 9780983247685 Page Count: 340 Binding Type: US Trade Paper Trim Size: 5.5" x 8.5" Language: English Color: Black and White Related Categories: Fiction / Gay
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Thug Passion vol. 2

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