Time and Necessity in Parmenides
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The idea that time imposes order on the universe seems a very obvious and intuitive one. However, in what sense is time related to order? Is it related to any notion of order we might have (religious, political, scientific)? In this book, Carlos Montemayor Romo de Vivar explains how time, for the ancients, involved a particular kind of order that reflected their cultural convictions. This conception of time, the author argues, was transformed and enriched by the Pre-Socratic philosophers. He focuses on a Pre-Socratic text which, he claims, is at the center of this momentous revolution in our understanding of how time relates to order and necessity: Parmenides’ poem. This text is intended for a general audience. Although it is mainly an interpretation of Parmenides’ poem it serves as a brief, yet illustrative, introduction to the philosophy of the ancient Greeks. The author is convinced that Greek philosophy should not be constrained to academic circles, but rather that it should be transmitted to the public in general. Thinking is a public affair that should not be replaced by the impenetrable jargon of the specialist. Thinking publicly may be, given the current ultra-specialization of multiple areas of knowledge, something we need to learn. Hopefully this, and other attempts to engage the public into philosophical and scientific inquiries, will help alleviate the present situation.
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Time and Necessity in Parmenides

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