In The Footsteps of Saint Nicholas by Andreas C. George
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In my long journey I found that Saint Nicholas, born in Patara of Asia Minor was a real person that lived in the fourth century during the turbulent and difficult times of early Christianity. He became famous throughout the Christian world for his service to humanity, a pious social worker who did good things without compensation. How Saint Nicholas became Santa Claus throughout the ages, is legendary approaching a myth. However, Saint Nicholas behind the myth, during his life-time and after his death turned out to be the kind and generous person, a practical Bishop who understood the earthly needs of people, and always on the ready to help or save someone. On the contrary, the modern Santa Claus is less inspiring and kept changing to keep pace with the changing times and the needs of people. In modern day Santa, we see the original role of Saint Nicholas to be distorted to suit the modern world. In this book, I tried to re-discover Saint Nicholas and point out that he was a major figure in the early church whose life and legend should be copied and emulated.
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In The Footsteps of Saint Nicholas by Andreas C. George

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