Giant Book of Tofu Cooking
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It's been the super food of the East for at least two millennia, and it's finally made a name for itself here. No matter what dish it's added to--from soups to desserts--tofu makes the meal healthier and better. On its own, this soft, white beancurd has virtually no taste, but it has a remarkable ability to "drink up' the flavors and seasonings it's marinated in. Plus, tofu comes in different textures, so it's a perfect substitute for meat, fish, cheese, or eggs. You've probably heard of its almost miraculous ability to lower the risks for heart disease, cancer, and according to the newest research, Alzheimer's, but you may not have known how to prepare it. This comprehensive, all-vegetarian tofu cookbook celebrates tofu's versatility 350 ways, with easy-to-follow recipes that will expand your horizons and tickle your tastebuds: Tofruitty smoothies, Tofu huevos rancheros, banana bread, mock tuna salad, tofu "crab" cakes, tropical cheesecake escape, and even pecan pie!
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Giant Book of Tofu Cooking

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