The Impulse of Rage by Alvin Bell
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Urban Besteseller The core of what held a happy family together crumbles when deadly secrets from the past are revealed, and a victim from it, Albert Billings who happens to have dual personalities, take revenge on any and everybody he think deserves it. Actually, as part of being a casualty, Albert Billings turns renegade; so far he’s been on an unstoppable rampage that leaves dead bodies everywhere in and around the city of Detroit, as well as in the Southwest area of Georgia. Not even the most secure prison could hold him, and now organized gangsters are targeted for revenge as well. Despite the violence, promiscuous women and sex is always on the agenda and in some of the most out of the way places around the world; the Philippines, Singapore, Perth Australia, and Mombasa Kenya in Eastern Africa. In the end though, it’s a feeling of guilt and love that finally tames the beast. But just when you think the worst has past, the killing starts all over again.
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The Impulse of Rage by Alvin Bell

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