Javier's Poison by Heath H. Fowler
"Those boys didn't do it, Johnathan." Rachael was adamant. She touched his arms. "You believe them, don't you?" Johnathan didn't answer. "Mr. Myers..." "Rachael, I'm usually not a pessimist, but the cards are stacked high against the boys. Macino has a strong case. I've been in the system long enough to know where this is heading..." Three boys who can’t stay out of trouble - Pedro, Caleb and the manipulative Javier, with the looks and charm to twist everyone round his little finger – put Rachael Raymond’s faith to the test, as she tries to save them from themselves and the unscrupulous Detective Macino. The opposing worlds of the Safe House Sistahs and the Gangsta kids collide under one roof and sparks fly. This personal drama is played out under the gloomy shadow of New York gang rivalry between the Vipers and the Cobras, a struggle for power that finally explodes into a display of death and vengeance that will leave Putnam County staggering at the excess of human brutality.
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Javier's Poison by Heath H. Fowler

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