Gangstas Don't Die
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Urban Bestseller... "In the midst of all that happened, he thought of something Dwight told him, see Littles, REAL gangstas don't die! Nah, REAL gangstas reproduce and multiply-beleive that!" Littles just shook his head then closed his eyes as he thought of the irony of the situation".... Gangstas Don't Die is what he was told. Love, loyalty and lots of money were all he wanted. Follow Calvin "Littles" Goodman as he and his team of youngstas HUSTLE HARD. From the gritty Brooklyn streets through a small town in Virginia, this is a riveting tale about love, honor, commitment and betrayal. Mouse gives readers a closer look into the life of a young, urban street Gangsta. IS it true what they say, are all the REAL Gangstas dead?, or.....?
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Gangstas Don't Die

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