Dead At the Scene by Joe Moore
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Dead At the Scene by Joe Moore Paperback: 214 pages ISBN: 1592323138 Harvey Dawes and Taylor Nelson are middle-aged, salt-and-pepper transient crack heads in Seattle who hit the big score when they set up a crack house massacre that provides them with all the dope and money they could want and then some. Both of them are unfazed by the money, which doesn't change either one of them. But now there's now there's unlimited dope to smoke, and more women----to kill. Seattle Homicide Detectives Robert Davis and Kristen Sorensen are assigned to the case when ballistic similarities from the crack house killings match a recent murder scene involving a white couple. Now they're interested in who the killers are. And Dawes and Nelson are just starting their killing binge. It is said that the price of justice is sometimes high, and little do Davis and Sorensen know that what seems to be a series of routine dope killings will present the worst challenge of their careers.
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Dead At the Scene by Joe Moore

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