From Karnack to Compton by Ronald McCowan
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From Karnack to Compton by Ronald McCowan Paperback: 144 pages Publisher: Enaz Publications (October 1, 2012) Language: English ISBN-10: 1592323790 “From Karnack to Compton: One man’s journey and presence” chronicles the life of a young African American male from a poor back woods farm in the Jim Crow 1930s to the often maligned suburb of Compton, CA. It is notable that this gifted young man loses his best friend and father soon after the matriarch of his geographically scattered family. Although beleaguered by self doubt, anger, sadness, and disillusionment he was able to channel those negative energies into a positive direction and escape from a seemingly hopeless and predestined state of affairs. Along this journey there were moments of encouragement and accomplishments that bolstered his hope and outlook. To those close to him the psychological journey and apparent recovery were truly remarkable even though the scars were sometimes too visible. We applaud him and those with similar travels and pray for their God assisted healing and revival.
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From Karnack to Compton by Ronald McCowan

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