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ANCIENT WISDOM: Following The Yoga Of The Heart by Beeken, Jenny Publisher: Polair Publishing SRP: $14.95 ISBN:1905398115 ISBN13:9781905398119 Long before the world s other philosophies had been formed, the Vedas of India recognized a path which reconciled the individual with the universality of being. Yoga included posture work, hatha yoga, but the yogas were man and included ways of meditation as well as ethical precepts. Later, they were systematized into the famous Eight Limbs of Yoga, more relevant today than ever. Simple but profound, the ethical precepts of the Eight Limbs can be used alongside the rest of the system to achieve a perfect harmony of body, mind and spirit. Ancient Widsom: Following the Yoga of the Heart is a workbook as well as a guide to the whole of yoga. You can integrate postures with inner explorations, and be a peace with the world.
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