Light in The Shadow by Annetta Hobson
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Light in The Shadow Author: Annetta Hobson ISBN: 1939425182 ISBN-13: 978-1939425188 Category: Romance Suspense Binding: Trade paperback Summary: Rayen Vasu at 15 is a free spirited young girl. But after experiencing the unthinkable, she grows into a cold, calculating, callous young woman. She has no time for love or anything else that has to do with intimacy. She travels to Michigan to help her father’s company with fresh business ventures. There she meets two men who change her life forever. First, is the charming architect Joshua Manning who gives her something no man has dared attempt. For the very first time, she experiences feelings she never thought possible. Then there is the forceful, ambitious Detective Blake Pierce. He pursues Rayen trying to win her over. But she has a secret that could ruin his future in law enforcement in a way he would never suspect. How will love enter and win her over? The last thing she needs is a detective in her immediate circle.
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Light in The Shadow by Annetta Hobson

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